Thursday, April 10, 2008

Holy Moly !! I was in a computer crisis the last 4 days!! I used my computer on Sunday morning and then Sunday evening it was all wonky and wouldn't let me do anything. I tried again on Monday and it was worse. I tried calling a computer intelligent friend and didn't get an answer. Talked to several people at work and one of our IT guys said he didn't think it was a virus. I was only a little relieved because we were still unsure.

So, my dilemma was do I call Dell and be on the phone for hours only to talk to someone I don't understand, and feeling like the problem would never be resolved or take it into Milwaukee PC and get it over with. I went to Milwaukee PC and it was great that I did. He knew what was wrong in about 20 minutes and fixed it and we picked it up the next morning!! So, I worried about a virus and it was just a video card!! Yea !! I really didn't want to have to buy a new computer this month - and I certainly can't life without one !! LOL !!

I'll be back this weekend with some creation that I'll be working on !!
Have a great weekend everyone !


Heather McNally said...

I LOVE your smileys! And I'm so glad you didn't have to buy a new 'puter! :)

Sue said...

Phew - lovin' your animated smileys. (But not as much as I love you)

Bevie Pearl said...

Glad that you got your computer fixed and it is up and running!

Heather McNally said...

Just wanted to give you some extra love! :)

Shabbychick Junk said...

Glad your computer is feeling better! Hope you're doing well, sweet friend! :)


Tex said...

Oh my goodness, Stevie!!
So glad this is resolved!
I'd be fried without internet access!! eeeeek!


Michelle Wooderson said...

Hi Stevie, I always enjoy your comments so much on my blog. So you think we need a book,eh? Love ya, sweet thing!