Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am such a terrible blogger!! I have to be enthused about what I'm posting and obviously, I have not been too enthusiastic lately !! And then I come on here and see the I got 7 comments just over my computer crisis and they are all from very dear friends !! So I apologize to each of you for not giving you any where near as much inspiration as you all give me on a daily basis.

I don't have anything real new to post. I have been working feverishly on the invites to a baby shower. The mother to be is a daughter of a good friend, so I want them to be special. She is having twins - one boy and one girl. That in itself is exciting, but I want the invites and shower favors to be special too. When I come up with the way I want them, I'll post. In the meantime I'll post a couple of cards that I did awhile back but I still like the way they turned out.

I've always liked this stamp set from SU. It says exactly what you want to say in just a couple of words. This was one of the first square cards I did and I really like them. Still don't understand why they cost more in postage. I have complained to my DH but then he is just a carrier of the mail and does not have the ability to change policy - at least that is what he keeps telling me !! LOL.

Anyway, I accompanied this with a post a note holder. This design came from either Val, Mish or Lana. These three ladies give me constant inspiration but this is where I play the old card. I don't remember which one started this trend - sorry ladies !! It makes a really cute gift, which this was for a co-worker's birthday. I know she enjoyed it because the holder is hanging in her cubie at work, needing another post a note pad. I forgot to mention that this was for a larger pad that was lined - the kind that companies usually do not supply !! Maybe this year for her birthday I'll just get her another pad !! LOL !!

Well, this will have to tide you over for now. I'll be working in my room all weekend and I hope to have some fresh stuff for you next week. Thanks for stopping by ladies, it's nice to know that my blog is visited !! :)


Bevie Pearl said...

Stevie.....I love reading and viewing your blog. Have fun today with all your stamping.

Heather McNally said...

YAAY - I love seeing you post and stamp, Stevie! I know that the baby cards will be amazing! Love you!

Tex said...

Yep! I'm just like you, Stevie!
I have always enjoyed that stamp set ... or rather the things I've seen created from it. (I didn't give in to that one .... faint!)

You must keep posting! I need to know that you really are out there with us!! (((((hugs)))))