Sunday, June 17, 2007

Well, it is Sunday and it has been some weekend. We went to a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party for a dear friend. We had so much fun with a lot of new acquaintances. I love it when evenings turn out that way. Unfortunately, I forgot to scan the card I made so it is truly an original - even I will forget what I did and it won't be duplicated !! LOL !!

That was how my Saturday ended after taking a week to set up for a garage sale on Saturday and not having one single person show up !! We are trying it again next Saturday and I sure hope someone comes around. Oh well, you take and chance and not every time does it work out.

Today we attended my Boss' wedding reception. Being his second marriage they had a private ceremony on Friday and a catered picnic today. We were not looking forward to it but much to my surprise, it was a wonderful afternoon and he seemed genuinely happy that we were there. It was at Grant Park, on lake Michigan and the weather there was wonderful compared to what it was at home - hot and humid. So that helped.

They Bride and Groom didn't want any gifts but of course, I had to make a card. Well, this is all I could come up with this morning. I like the colors and I think it turned out okay - I'm not wild about it though. I used the new Baroque Motifs set coming out in the new SU catalog this July. I also used the Wild Asparagus paper that a friend purchased for me from Costco. It really is a perfect match. Add a little bling and a short but sweet sentiment and, voila!!

Well, that was the weekend at the Staniak house. More excitement that what we are use to and now we would like a day off. Unfortunately, it is back to the old work grind tomorrow. My husband bought a lottery ticket and one a dollar and said, "sorry honey, we can't retire yet !!" Oh well, it will happen soon enough.

Have a great week and please feel free to leave comments on any post here on my blog. I like to know what you think and I'm happy to answer any questions.


Cambria Turnbow said...

Oh my.... what a beauty! Love that jewel in the center too. I love ya Stevie!!! ;)

Bevie Pearl said...

Hey STevie, I like this card.

Tex said...

Whoa! Stevie that card is gorgeous!