Saturday, May 26, 2007

I have a new Banner !! Isn't it wonderful !! Thanks to a dear friend Beth, I have a very fun spot to come to for showing my creations. If you are thinking about doing a blog and would like to have a one of a kind banner for your blog page, please contact Beth. She can do anything and will work with you to customize "your" look ! She is just amazing. You can contact her by clicking here.

I won't be posting anything this weekend because I'm in the process of revamping my stamping room. I'll take some before and after pictures - just not sure I'll ever publish the before !! LOL !! I even amaze myself that I can work in that room.

Well, I'm off to box and clean everything that is in there. I'll check in later and let you know how things are going. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Memorial weekend.


HB said...

Stevie, just checking in to make sure you are still alive in there! LOL I SO know what you mean about being amazed that you can work in the mess! Shoot, I better get off this computer and go deal with my own mess!

Michelle said...

Stevie --- I love your banner and can't wait to see the new stamp room. :)

Pam/Iris said...

Love your new banner Stevie! That Beth does wonders, huh?