Saturday, May 3, 2008

So, I last posted the baby shower invite that I was working on. Well, last Sunday I went to the "Grandma to be" (Jody) house and with another friend (Marge) and "Auntie to be" (Katie), we were going to assemble all of the invitations. Well, I put Marge on the Cuttlebug die cutting process (mostly because she hate tying bows). She had to cut 100 little scallop circles and 50 large scallop circles and emboss the cuff of the card. I put Jody on adhering the designer paper to the already scored and embossed, card base. Katie was to wrap the favor boxes with designer paper. As for me, I had already cut the paper and was scoring the card base and I cute the inside invitation as well as did all the bows.

Well, the plan was all set except I wasn't counting on Katie bringing her two kittens over so that Marge, the cat fanatic, could meet them. We all ogled over the baby, which has only been with Katie for 4 days. Then we started working. For awhile the little guy was sitting on the back of Katie's neck and he looked like a fur boa !! Absolutely adorable. But the he started to explore. The older kitty (excuse me but I don't remember their names), decided to just jump up on top of the cabinets in the laundry room. Here are a couple of pics that I took of this little stinker. He was just happier than a pig in mud up there. We all made a fuss and he did stay up there for awhile. In the meantime the little kitty becomes MIA. I had to run home because I forgot one of the dies (why can I never pack everything??? I write it down but there is usually a missing item - UGH !! ) When I returned the first thing everyone asked me is "did you see the little cat run out the door when you left?"

Well, let me tell you, my heart sank. I could not imagine being the cause of the disappearing cat. Poor Katie was in tears. We rang the doorbell (my cat comes running if he hears the doorbell - weird I know), Katie walked around with a squeaky toy. She had a flashlight and looked under everything, in every closet, in the basement rec room, absolutely everywhere. Then she started outside, talked with the neighbors, looked in bushes, up trees. Marge was even banging on the hood of her car just to make sure that he didn't crawl up inside of her car !! A neighbor walked by and made a point to say, "you need a key to start that car !!" Oh the humiliation we will deal with when it comes to our "pets" !

Needless to say, card production basically came to a standstill. The mood was a little gloomy. Katie couldn't go home and tell her boyfriend that she came back with one less cat !! Oh, what to do, what to do ??

The phone rang. Jody picked it up and was talking with her other daughter (Kelly - Mama to be). Jody was walking around while talking - not adhering designer paper as she was instructed. She walks past the powder room and started straightening the hand towels and futzing around when all of a sudden we hear, "I found the cat!!" You will never believe where this little one decided to take a nap. Can you see that little stinker on that shelf? He didn't even move the hand soap to get back there. That shelf is only about 6"wide and about 5" deep. You can see a closer look at the picture on the right. The best part was, we made a lot of noise - 4 women in a small powder room exclaiming over Jody's discovery - and that little s$$t never even woke up !! Can you believe it ?

So, we started our card production at about 11:30 a.m. and did not conclude until about 8:00 p.m. No thanks to the 2 hours of slow down created by one tiny little kitten !! Needless to say, the favors are not completed. Thank goodness we don't need them until the day before the shower !! :)

So, hopefully I will have a card to post for you next time. I just couldn't let this story go without some "cat" recognition. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.


Heather McNally said...

OMG- little stinker is right!! Cute cats! Poor "mama" thinking her kittie was lost. Glad the stinker was found and happily napping!!

Jan said...

Very cute baby shower cards. I love it when creative ideas happen without intent. (Make sense???!!!)
That little kitten!
I can appreciate cat stories.
Will follow your blog, now that I discovered it.


Darthy said...

Oh that is so hilarious. You're right Stevie, we do so much for our little darlings. What a little minx eh?

Very sweet cards.

chelemom said...

How funny!!!

Charmingdesigns said...

My kitties love it up on the cabinet I've had to take everything off, or they will knock it

Bevie Pearl said...

OM Word.....what a stinker that cat is. We "thought we lost the bosses cat one time..I know the feeling. The cat had climbed up inside the couch. (it was a sleeper couch.)
I love your cat story!

Tex said...

I love my cats ... but honestly .... hiding in that spot?!? That one is definitely NOT paying attention to any "human wishes"! LOL Boy, am I glad that all worked out for the best, Stevie! Whew! You're so patient and good .... the perfect person to be in the SU role this day!! How lucky were they?! VERY!

Cambria Turnbow said...

Just wanted to say that I love ya "Mom".. and I miss ya, and you make my days when you comment on my blog. You always bring me a huge smile. :)

carolsue said...

A blast from your past...again! You've been on my mind when I remembered you were starting a blog (how long ago?) I found you! I love the kitty story. We found a "lost" one under the dryer after a three hour search! The invitations are great. I'll be looking at your past posts when I get some time this weekend.